Born To Sleep

Sleep can be SO confusing. Who knew?

It can be counterintuitive and what works for one child doesnt always work for the next.

Are you and your child feeling exhausted? The good news is help is here. You dont need to struggle through your childs sleep challenges.

With the right support which includes working with a Certified Sleep Consultant and a personalised plan its possible to make positive sleep changes for your child and family.  You don’t need to ride this out indefinitely. Your family deserves to wake up and feel great every day.

Sleep deprivation impacts the entire family. It can place strain on relationships. Family members emotional well-being, moods, decision making and problem solving to name a few…all suffer.

It can feel totally overwhelming and sometimes the way out is not clear. The good news is help is here. You don’t need to struggle through sleepless nights. How would you feel after a good nights sleep? Speak to our sleep therapist today, and rediscover what dreams are made of!

“Happy Sleepers Wake Up Refreshed”

Discover how you can overcome your sleep challenges with your little one and feel refreshed when you wake up every day.

Book in for a FREE 45 minute discovery call with a sleep coach now.

During this call we will explore what is currently happening with your little ones sleep and come up with a next steps action plan to get your little one sleeping soundly.

What parents have to say about Leigh

  • Leigh came to our lives to save us. We have been sleep deprived for 2 years. She gave us hope, and we felt that we could trust her completely. She is a loving and spectacular human being, and during our journey she always demonstrated that she really cared about our family’s health. She helped us creating a plan that worked perfectly to our family.
    2 Years Old
  • Leigh put together a bespoke sleep plan based around Max’s sleeping habits.
    She was professional, friendly, put us at ease and gave us the confidence to implement the new routine. We now have a baby that sleeps not only through the night but is consistently managing 11 to 12 hours.
    Max is doing absolutely brilliantly.
    11 Months
  • 5 out of 5 stars due to her knowledge, kind and warm manner, very approachable and easy to talk with. The after support is also amazing. I was on my knees! Leigh completely changed our lives within a few nights. Sophia has slept through every night since. I now get more quality time with my other children and have some wind down time for myself.
    13 Months
  • If I had to give Leigh a mark out of 10 it would definitely be 20, she is off the scale!  She is worth her weight in gold and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is suffering with sleepless nights, even my skeptical partner is eating his hat and singing Leigh’s praises.
    6.5 Months
  • Leigh’s has a wonderful manner; she is empathetic, kind, friendly and encouraging. She gave us an individualised plan for how we could significantly improve sleep. I cannot describe how much life has changed since Leigh’s input!!! Evenings are happier, I have more time with my eldest to do homework, we can take Fynn places and even managed a “date night.
    10 Months
  • I was so impressed with the bespoke plan Leigh came up with which and everyone in the family not just Leo. In less than a week Leo was sleeping throughout the night. I couldn’t have done it without Leigh’s support and expert guidance. We would recommend Leigh in a heartbeat, she’s changed our lives for the best, my biggest regret is not getting her to help us sooner!
    12 Months
  • Christmas was our low point this year with our 15 month year old son’s sleep…we were zombies. Leigh put us straight at ease and the tools she gave us to implement have been a godsend. We cannot thank Leigh enough for her help and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. This was the best money that we have spent this year…
    15 Months

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