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Mummy saves her back by no longer needing to rock baby to sleep.

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Parents get their evening back now son sleeps soundly.

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Bedtime battles no longer a battle but a victory for Parents.

Happy Rested families say:

No more 30-minute disaster naps and frequent night waking’s.
We couldn’t continue with the broken sleep – we were exhausted. Leigh listened to our family's needs and put together a bespoke plan. She was positive, kind and so lovely that we knew this was going to work for us. And it did. Within a day Wilbur was napping for 3 hours a day and has now mastered self-settling at night.

Wilbur7 months

Two years of sleep deprivation now forgotten like a bad dream.
Since our first chat Leigh gave us hope and we felt we could trust her completely. She is a spectacular human being and during our journey, she always demonstrated that she really cared about our family's health. She helped us make an informed decision and created a plan that worked perfectly for our family.

Julia2 Years Old

Frequent night waking’s to sleeping soundly all night in under a week
Since our first chat Leigh gave us hope and we felt we could trust her completely. She is a spectacular human being and during our journey, she always demonstrated that she really cared about our family's health. She helped us make an informed decision and created a plan that worked perfectly for our family.

Leo12 months

And there are more..

Freya – 14 months

Our 14 month old little girl has never slept well but it had reached the point where we were totally exhausted and fed up with her waking every hour and a half through the night. It was affecting my parenting of her and my 3 year old as I was so grumpy and tired. My husband was struggling to get to work in the mornings and we both needed naps in the afternoon! We were at total breaking point and couldn’t work out why she kept waking up so much.

Leigh has been amazing. She listened to everything we described and worked out where the main issues were for us and our little girl. She gave us clear strategies and plans to follow which gave us the confidence to implement them and follow them through. She worked with us to make sure that the plans suited both our girl and us as a family. Within 2 weeks our little girl is only waking once in the night and Leigh is supporting us to try and reduce that down to no wake ups. I can’t describe how much better we all feel!

I really really wish we had gone to Leigh sooner – sometimes we all just need some help and someone outside the situation to give us perspective. It’s impossible to think straight when you are totally sleep deprived!

We can’t thank Leigh enough for the help and support she has given us. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone struggling with sleep issues!

Barney – 7 months

Leigh worked with us to help sort out my babies sleep when he turned 7 months old. She was kind, friendly and very informative. She really took the time to get to know our personal situation and our babies personality rather than adopting a blanket one size fits all approach.

Our baby went from multiple night wakings, early mornings and rocking to sleep at nap times to sleeping 11 hours at night and settling himself to sleep for all naps.

Leigh’s approach was easy to follow (only ever focussing a couple of days ahead) and in no way made me feel uncomfortable. In fact quite the opposite. Leigh has made herself readily available for follow up calls to tweak the plan and for questions!

I would highly recommend Leigh to anyone in need of help with their babies sleep!

Annabelle – 5 months

We contacted Leigh because our contented little baby who never cried during the day would cry the house down at bedtime which was very upsetting. She also struggled napping in her cot during the day, only settling if she fell asleep at the breast. Also for a night time wake up I could be there for 2 hours at one wake up trying to get her back down.

Leigh helped us see that poor Annabelle was completely over tired and she helped us to help Annabelle to catch up on all her missing sleep. Leigh helped us to understand our alert baby, but most importantly she opened our eyes to the importance of letting Annabelle self settle herself to sleep and how we could help Annabelle to hone that skill.
Now bed time is no longer a drama, Annabelle goes down in the evening without an issue and wakes for usually just one feed. She is then back in her cot within 30 minutes and settles herself back to sleep. Annabelle can also now nap in her cot during the day and has not been breastfed to sleep since – she always gets herself to sleep. I am also less upset about sleep in general.

Leigh was lovely to work with, her approach is gentle and she is very encouraging. But also Leigh is realistic, she knows we can’t stay at home all day for all naps, so has tips and advice for making sure Annabelle gets enough good sleep when out and about.

She came up with a plan in collaboration with us, that is completely unique to Annabelle and our family and that we were comfortable to put into action. Little Annabelle is still young but thanks to Leigh we feel we have the knowledge and tools to help Annabelle be a great little sleeper so that she continues to wake with a smile and can enjoy her day.

Toby – 6 months

I cannot thank Leigh enough for the help and support she has given to myself and my family over the past month.

We begin the process with a complimentary phone call which confirmed to me that Leigh was professional, articulate and had a wealth of knowledge not just about child and baby sleep but also child development.

Leigh created a bespoke sleep plan for our baby boy which considered not just the sleep goals but also the sleep environment and our child’s personality and unfortunately bad reflux.

Leigh was approachable and helpful throughout the process and couldn’t have been more supportive. Within days the evening routine was successfully instrumented and the dummy went quickly after that.

Leigh and I spoke regularly on the phone, amending the sleep plan as necessary and ensuring together we were meeting our sons sleep needs. Within two weeks our son was in his own room in the evening and sleeping without sleep crutches. We can’t thank her enough.

Lois – 12 months

We started working with Leigh shortly after our little girl’s 1st birthday. We have been very lucky as our girl has always been a good sleeper. She has slept through from 4/5 months old, and had learnt to self settle. We’ve always had a good routine and we thought we had it all figured out…until she started nursery, which also coincided with me going back to work. I work full time so our girl goes to nursery 2 days a week and is looked after by grandparents the rest of the week. She’s gone from me being the main person to put her to bed to now having several different people do it, and slowly but surely, things started to unravel.

Firstly, she doesn’t sleep well at nursery, she’ll only sleep for 30mins in the morning and 30mins in the afternoon. She was getting very overtired, which initially resulted in early morning wakings (any time between 4:30-5:30am). Next our girl stopped being able to self settle. When we put her down to sleep, as soon as we walked out the room, she would be on her feet screaming her head off until we picked her up and rocked her to sleep. Sometime it would take at least an hour to get her settled. After a bit of delving, it turned out she was being rocked to sleep at nursery, hence now why she expected it at home! Next, the night time wakings started, sometimes waking 2 or 3 times a night, each time taking an hour or 2 to get her back to sleep (again, having to rock her to sleep).

This went on for 2months and was just getting worse. It was having such a huge impact on family life; my partner and I were absolutely exhausted and were arguing all the time. My anxiety was through the roof and I couldn’t function properly at work. I also dreaded going home in the evenings as I knew what kind of night I was going to be in for. My partner and I even resorted to taking it in turns to sleep in the spare room so at least one of us could get some sleep whilst the other one managed the night wakings.

Worst of all, I couldn’t hide my frustrations from my daughter, and this is when I bit the bullet and contacted Leigh. Leigh was so understanding and so positive. She unpicked the problems we were facing and taking our little girls personality and temperament into account, she came up with a plan to help us overcome them. We also shared the plan with the nursery and grandparents so that we were all aligned and were all doing the same thing especially when it came to settling our girl to sleep.

The plan really helped to keep me focused and with Leigh’s support, I felt confident and really believed in what we were doing. We did exactly what Leigh told us to do, and within 2 nights we saw a massive improvement. Our girl did throw the odd curveball, which did knock us off track, but with Leigh’s coaching, we were back on track in no time.

Within 2 weeks of starting the programme, we were back to where we were before…our girl sleeping through the night and back to self settling. If she does wake in the night, she can settle herself back to sleep. She still doesn’t sleep well at nursery, but I don’t worry about it anymore, we just manage it as best we can by putting her to bed earlier on those days, and letting her sleep as long as she needs to on the days she’s not at nursery.

Before I contacted Leigh, I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. We’re now a month on and the difference is incredible. Our happy and calm home life is restored and our little girl is thriving. Contacting Leigh was the best decision I ever made!

Harris – 3 years

5 out of 5 *** for Leigh

I have just recently finished the two week turnaround package with Leigh and I cannot believe the results by the end of it.

Harris my 3 year boy had not slept for a year and a half, completely reliant on milk through the night, up five or six times till the early hours which resulted with me sleeping with him just to get a few hours sleep. This then had an affect on his behaviour during the day and made bedtimes unbearable.

Now we have reached the end of the programme he has no milk at all and sleeps through the night and I finally have my little boy back.

The bespoke programme Leigh created for Harris was so precise and thorough it raised a lot of valid information I didn’t know before for example his temperament type and how that affects how he processes and expresses his emotions. This was a tool in itself!

With her absolute dedication to us and support throughout the two weeks I could not be more grateful. I’m back in control, I have the tools to continue on my own and Harris is finally getting SLEEP…and so am I!! I would highly recommend Leigh, she is a true professional but with kindness and empathy which every mother needs in such a desperate time.


Isabelle – 11 months

5 out of 5 *** for Leigh

Isabelle would go to sleep in her cot after being rocked in our arms for at least 20 minutes but would then wake after about 4 hours. We tried everything but she would only go back to sleep if I breastfed her to sleep, in bed with us. She would then wake every 1-3 hours.

In the daytime, we would walk her to sleep in a pushchair for every nap. I would average at least 10km a day, rain or shine.

No one was getting much sleep, Isabelle included. Our backs and arms ached and we were both struggling with sleep deprivation.

I was sceptical about speaking to someone as I didn’t want to be told that Isabelle needed to cry-it-out. It was my husband who found Leigh and, of all the people he spoke to, he knew from their initial conversation that she would be the one that would approach Isabelle’s sleep problems in a way that I would feel comfortable with. In addition, her manner was of a friend offering support from a position of experience.

Leigh created a bespoke plan for us, taking into great consideration for Isabelle’s personality. It was realistic and, more importantly, it worked.

We went through illness, teething, learning to crawl and walk but still managed to stay on track, with Leigh’s advice.

Leigh is such a lovely person, she’s positive and supportive. I’d consider her more a friend than a coach now.

Isabelle currently averages 10.5-11 hours a night. If she wakes it’s never fully and she quickly gets back to sleep on her own.

She naps in her cot twice a day, often for an hour or longer at a time.

We are both able to sleep through the night and are able to focus our energy on helping Isabelle reach her milestones and have fun together. We’re all much happier and less stressed.
I have already recommended Leigh to several friends.

Kairav – 10 months

We contacted Leigh after another awful night with our ten month old and she got back to me promptly. Leigh asked me about our son’s personality and was able to put together an individual plan for a very alert little boy who needed rocking/ feeding to sleep, usually ended up in our bed at night and slept for three hour stretches only.

She was also gentle but firm with me after agreeing our family sleep outcomes as I struggled emotionally with having my baby in a different room and stopping feeding him at night.

With Leigh’s encouragement and regular support, within two weeks we had a baby who put himself to sleep in his own room and sleeps for longer stretches!! Our lives have been transformed and we are so grateful to have had Leigh help us

Thea – 6 months

Leigh was very relaxed, understanding, knowledgable and we felt happy to progress with her after our initial call. Leigh’s expert advice, ongoing support and a bespoke plan for our baby really worked for us.

Our baby has gone from waking every 2 hours to sleeping 10-11 hours uninterrupted at night in under 2 weeks! It’s been life changing and we are very thankful for Leigh’s help. We highly recommend Leigh if you are experiencing sleep issues with your little once!

Leila – 6 months

5 out of 5 ***

When we first starting working with Leigh, our LO (6 months then) was not able to put herself to sleep and her naps were not long enough. Leigh’s tips and guidance were very helpful and we still use them to this day.

She is such an easy person to talk to, a very good listener and a great supporter.

The best thing about her is that she always checks up on us and is very responsive when we have a question.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a solution!

Hugo – 18 weeks

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for your time last week.

Since meeting you, I have been putting Hugo down for naps in his cot and been using the techniques that you talked to us about. We have both been much less frustrated when Hugo falls asleep and there is no more rocking him to sleep.

Last night Hugo slept in his own room, uninterrupted for 12 hours. And tonight he fell asleep with no help from me whatsoever.

Thank you for giving me the confidence to start sleep training with Hugo. It has been the best thing for our little family and we are all so happy with how it has been going.

Wilbur – 7 months

Wilbur was around 7 months (April 2019) when we realised, we couldn’t continue with all the broken sleep – we were exhausted.

Kevin was going to work in sunglasses and I was trying to get through the day rather than enjoying it with our boy.

Wilbur was exhausted too. He wasn’t napping more than 30 mins a day and was waking every few hours in the night and was irritable and frustrated. Wilbur is such a happy baby and we wanted him to be like this all the time.

We were using a multitude of ‘tricks’ to get him back to sleep. Milk on demand, falling asleep on us or on the bed; we were singing, sssshhhhhing and rocking.

All of these worked in their own small way but took time, were temporary and often he would wake when we stopped.

I was emotional and felt like I was failing, aren’t mummies supposed to be able to get their baby to sleep?

I decided to look online for sleep nannies and ‘The Sleep Nanny’ came up. I read through some of the profiles and something about Leigh just felt right and this was confirmed after her initial phone call. I remember how buoyant I felt after that call and how positive she was. She wasn’t interested in what we had done but what she could do to help us. Just what I needed. I hung up and knew she was going to be the helping hand we needed.

Leigh listened to our family needs and dynamics and asked such insightful questions which meant she was able to put together a bespoke plan for our family. She was positive, kind and so lovely that we knew this was going to work for us. And it did.

Within a day Wilbur was napping for 3 hours a day and was being to self-settle at night something we had been doing for him. He learnt the skill so quickly and is able to do this at nap and bed time.

He now goes through the night and is happier and has more energy (which is a different type of exhaustion!)

My husband and I feel so much better as we are having more sleep and I am able to be a better mummy in the day as I have more energy. I know that even if I am feeling tired, I can have a decent nap myself when Wilbur is sleeping.

Leigh IS fantastic. Her continual support and advice have been invaluable, and we know we have the plan to go back to if we ever need it.

Never once did she make us feel like we had done anything wrong, her advice is all goal focused and we knew it was manageable and structured so we could achieve our sleep goals together.

We recommend her to support your family with any sleep needs. She knows her stuff!

We would give her 5 stars! She is our star.

Archie – 12 months

When Archie was 9 months old, we moved him into his own bedroom and disturbed what had previously been a good period of sleep. He started to really fight bedtimes and would only go to sleep being patted, shushed and rocked – this could take a long time and he could be awake again within 30 minutes.

For the next few months we were traipsing backward and forward throughout the night until inevitably he would end up in our bed. We couldn’t continue like this; we were all constantly unwell as our bodies were not given a chance to rest, my other half was sleeping on an airbed and Archie was so miserable throughout the day that it got to the point that I had to admit to my partner that I wasn’t enjoying being a mother anymore, something no mum ever wants to admit.

We realised we needed help and I found Leigh online. I have to admit that I didn’t think anybody would be able to help. Our baby was a cuddly one who had been rocked to sleep since birth and I didn’t believe that he would accept going to sleep any other way. I didn’t want to leave my baby to get upset either.

We had our 1 hour consultation to discuss the bespoke plan Leigh had put together and I walked away from my laptop feeling unstoppable. The method we discussed was similar to those I had read about online, but it was gentle and I was given indepth information and support that was just incredible. I felt excited to start the following night and, thanks to Leigh, I was filled with so much confidence and determination that we deflated the airbed and put it away.

I’m pleased to say that it has not been out again since. We have been given our evenings and night times back and we are all feeling much healthier and happier as a family. Archie now goes to sleep in minutes with very little help from us.

I would happily recommend Leigh to anybody. She was encouraging and friendly and the support she provided was brilliant. She was easy to talk to and did very well to be present, but not to be contacting me constantly. I felt like I was admitting defeat when I first started researching Sleep Consultants, but I can say now that there is no pride in suffering and you definitely cannot put a price on a good nights sleep! 5* out of 5

Libby – 6.5 months

Libby was 29 weeks old when we first contacted Leigh who was recommended to us by a friend of a friend. I had literally tried everything to get Libby to sleep longer at night from buying ALL of the books available on the market that I had been told would help and so many other things that people promised me would work. We were then told about Leigh, and how she tailors her plans to each baby. Libby had never slept through the night and my return to work was looming, and the thought of Libby still waking every 2-3 hours at night whilst I was back at work full time was painful!

With two older siblings at home, I was worried that her crying would wake them up at night too, so I would take Libby downstairs to sleep as far away from her sisters as possible just incase she disturbed them. This would lead to me having a very uncomfortable night on our sofa, and not sleeping very much at all.

From my very first phone call with Leigh, I felt like she understood what we were going through and made me feel confident that she would be able to help. I then had the task of convincing my VERY sceptical partner that trying Leigh was our last resort or we would never sleep again!

He agreed, and we arranged our online video consultation with Leigh, and after the hour was up we were both feeling really good about the plan Leigh had drawn up for us, and were excited to put our plans into motion. Night one was difficult, but after that it was all uphill! Libby was improving and I would update Leigh as we were going along, she is so supportive and even some days when I was doubting myself, Leigh would pick me back up and remind me what a great job I was doing and how well Libby was adapting to our plan.

Although we saw a difference by the second night, by night 4, Libby slept for 9 whole hours with no wake ups. Fast forward to night 14 and Libby slept from 7pm until 6am, which was exactly our plan! We are so much happier now, and no longer sleep-deprived zombies, which is a bonus all around!

If I had to give Leigh a mark out of 10 it would definitely be 20, she is off the scale! She is worth her weight in gold and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is suffering with sleepless nights, even my sceptical partner is eating his hat and singing Leigh’s praises.

Leo – 12 months

5***** for Leigh

Having 2 kids under 2 life was already pretty hectic and I was starting to feel the strain it was putting on us as a family when my youngest son Leo was still waking up every 2-3 hours wanting feeds or wanting to be comforted. He was like this from birth and I couldn’t break this habit.

The last straw came when I had to go back to work when he was approaching 10 months old. I was becoming increasingly more tired and run down and with finding it hard to function being so sleep deprived, I knew I couldn’t do this alone so decided to get a sleep nanny.

I spoke to a few consultants but I was drawn to Leigh because I felt she completely understood my needs as well as Leo’s and she didn’t judge us for the way we have been doing things so far or what we had previously tried.

Leigh was very reassuring about helping us and her calm approach to sleep training was really comforting for us all to transition/adjust to and I was really impressed with the depth of the follow up calls and the advice that followed.

I always valued Leigh’s opinions, advice and the time she gave to me; I was so impressed with the bespoke plan she came up with which included and suited everyone in the family not just Leo.

In less than a week Leo was sleeping throughout the night and it’s made a HUGE difference to our lives!

I couldn’t have done it without Leigh’s support and expert step by step guidance. I never felt alone or uncomfortable with anything we put in place.

We would recommend Leigh in a heartbeat, she’s changed our lives for the best, my biggest regret is not getting her to help us sooner! Thank you again Leigh, you’ve been amazing and we really have appreciate everything you’ve done for us. Your a 5 star sleep nanny! X

Sophia – 13 Months

5 Stars for Leigh ***** 5 out of 5 due to her knowledge, kind and warm manner, very approachable and easy to talk with. The after support is also amazing.

I was on my knees. For five months my daughter went down to sleep ok at 7 pm but woke up 1-12 times a night screaming ranging from 10 mins to hours.

Leigh was very warm, calming, supportive and reassuring. She was very knowledgeable and listened very well to really understand my situation and baby. Leigh explained things very clearly and we made a plan that was right for my family and other children.

Communication was excellent and after the plan had started support throughout was offered. I felt this was genuine concern for the family.

Leigh completely changed our lives within a few nights which has now continued for over 6 weeks. Sophia has slept through the night every night since.

Working with Leigh hasn’t just created sleep for Sophia but allowed me to spend more quality time with my other children and having some wind down time for myself.

I would highly recommend Leigh to other family’s and have done already. If you are struggling honest there’s no need. Make contact and within a month sleep deprivation will be a thing of the past.

Guy – 15 months

Christmas was our low point this year with our 15 month year old son’s sleep…we were zombies.

After finding out that we had another baby on the way in the summer we decided that now was the time that we needed some help. I had always trawled the internet before this looking for any miracle cure however I had never spoken to anyone about Guy’s sleep. I didn’t want to be seen as a failure of a mum.

Leigh put us straight at ease. What we spoke about made perfect sense to us and in some way we already knew what she was telling us, however we needed to hear it from someone that had dealt with it and fully understood what they were speaking about. Leigh was fantastic and was so understanding to our situation. It was never a question about not continuing on with Leigh and having her help us with a sleep plan; it was guaranteed after our chat.

The tools that Leigh gave us to implement have been a godsend. We are now a couple of weeks in and Guy’s sleep has improved dramatically. We still have night wakes however a quick ‘go back to sleep baby’ settles him straight back down again. We haven’t had any more of the night-time partying for 3 hours at a time and we have started to see less of the early wakes.

We are all starting to feel a little more human again and we are so much happier.

We cannot thank Leigh enough for her help and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.. If we hadn’t had found it then we would likely still be stuck in the same cycle of night-time partying, wake ups, bottles and cuddles. I love my cuddles but I love them more in the daytime.

If you are having any sleep issues and are even considering this then I would certainly recommend having the initial consultation with Leigh. This was the best money that we have spent this year…

Max – 11 months

We first started working with Leigh when our son Max was 11 months old.

The problems we were experiencing seemed like they were never ending and the thought of a full night’s sleep felt so far away.
It was time for some professional help.

We had our reservations because the routine we had felt like it couldn’t be changed.

Our son was reliant on numerous methods

Required motion to fall asleep
Waking for unnecessary feeds
Separation anxiety
Depended on the dummy
Unable to resettle
Leigh reassured us these were common solvable issues.

She put together a bespoke sleep plan based around max’s sleeping habits.

We followed the plan without deviation and it proved to have the desired effect.

Leigh was professional, friendly, put us at ease and gave us the confidence to implement the new routine.

We now have a baby that sleeps not only through the night but is consistently managing 11 to 12 hours.

The results have been exactly what we set out for, and we have all benefited as you can imagine. Max is doing absolutely brilliantly.
We would highly recommend Leigh and wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again should we need to.

Thanks for all your help, a very happyKevin, Laura and Max xx

Julia – 2 years

Since our daughter, Julia, was born. We have tried different techniques and read few books, but we weren’t able to help our daughter to settle down and sleep through the night. Julia had most of the ‘common’ problems: she would fight to go to sleep, consistently wake during the night, consistently come out of her bed, wake up early (around 4.30am), separation anxiety, to name few.

Since our first chat Leigh gave us hope, and we felt that we could trust her completely. She is a loving and spectacular human being, and during our journey she always demonstrated that she really cared about our family’s health. She helped us making informed decision and created a plan that worked perfectly to our family. We strongly recommend Leigh to all parents and carers – even to the ones who have children that sleep through the night without much problem –, as we think that the information she provides can guarantee that the parents have a thorough understanding of the sleeping process and can be conscious of their role on that.

Thanks very much for all your help and kindness, we wish you all the best!

Fred – 8 Months

We were sleep deprived and barely functioning; day time naps were a battle and the nights were becoming unbearable with our little one refusing to go into his cot and waking every hour. Now our little one puts himself to sleep and loves his cot. We would never have managed this without Leigh’s help, guidance and support – priceless!

Zach – 5 years old

Leigh 5/5* Stars

Zac was repeatedly getting out of bed, hiding downstairs, going into his sisters room and not settling in bed if we stayed away.

As a result this meant we never had much of an evening together, I had interrupted sleep and we didn’t want to stay away. It put stress on our relationship and emotional well-being.

Leigh was excellent at allowing us to see how our approach to solving this problem and understandings were very different and provided us with a very clear plan tailored around Zac’s personality. She was empathetic, patient, and had an understanding manner, whilst asserting confidence and essential advice.

Her help has been pivotal at a very challenging time in our lives. We our now able to rediscover what evenings together can be like, what a whole nights uninterrupted sleep is, realise that kids can get back to sleep after a nightmare with just a quick hug… I could never do that and now wish we had with my 8 year old! Less laundry as Zac’s bed wetting has stopped.

I would not hesitate to recommend Leigh to anyone… and do regularly as she is totally amazing… a true life saver … thank you Leigh.

Fynn – 10 months

Stars for Leigh *****

Since Fynn has been a baby we have had significant problems with frequent waking, at worst it was hourly through parts of the night.

Leigh’s has a wonderful manner; she is empathetic, kind, friendly and encouraging. She explained to us how Fynn’s personality was effecting his sleep (which was why he was so different from our daughter). She gave us an individualised plan for how we could significantly improve sleep; this plan was progressed very gradually, which gave me the confidence to try.

Each time we talked to Leigh she was so encouraging. She listened so well to our difficulties and was able to explain the reasons why we were have the particular problems (I learnt a lot about a babies development from her).

I cannot describe how much life has changed since Leigh’s input!!! Evenings are happier as I am so much more aware of when Fynn is tired and I can read his cues so much better and he no longer cries all evening. I have more time to spend with Thea and can do her reading homework and read to her / talk to her about her day and not get cross through tiredness and frustration.

We are able to take Fynn places i.e. Weekends at my mums without dreading the night time and lack of sleep it would present for us all. We have even been able to get a babysitter (never done before as were so worried he would be such a handful) and go out for a ‘date night’. Something we have not done since before he was born!

I have already recommended Leigh to many many of my friends and I truly wish her every success for the future

Lucie – 7 months

Stars for Leigh *****

Leigh has been wonderful with us, our daughter Lucie had reflux and wasn’t sleeping for longer than a few hours at a time (ever!) and never slept in her cot in the day.

I was walking for hours every day in the pram to get her to sleep and we were all exhausted.

We have come so far since then, Leigh is bright, supportive, positive and has given us the practical advice, confidence and support to make things better.

Lucie’s sleep has improved hugely, we have day naps in her cot and are very close to getting a full night’s sleep from her. I certainly recommend Leigh, thank you!

Lucas – 6 months

My son is doing amazingly well thank you – most nights he is doing 10-12 hours now. He’s unrecognisable from the baby he was 6 weeks ago. You literally changed our lives!

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