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Sleep framework guide

Is your child staying awake too long?

What is their age-appropriate wakeful window?

Often simply getting your timings and wakeful windows right will ensure your child settles well without fighting sleep, will sleep longer stretches both in the night and at nap times, along with waking at the desired time (no dreaded early rising).

This sleep framework guide outlines the average sleep needs for your little one starting from birth until 6 years old.

It also includes a framework for age-appropriate nap timings to take all the hassle and guesswork out for you.

Learn the building blocks for your little ones sleep including:

  • The average length of night-time sleep to aim for
  • Wakeful windows (the amount of time your little one can stay awake for at any time before they start getting overtired). This is important as when they start to get overtired they are more likely to fight sleep, wake frequently and wake early
  • Number of naps to aim for based on age and developmental needs
  • Average nap length
  • Total daytime sleep to aim for
  • Nap timings to help guide you (no more guesswork for tired parents)

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