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There is no time to waste. Life is to short! Following these strategies WILL improve your little one’s sleep INSTANTLY.

Multiple wakings, rocking and early mornings!

Our baby went from multiple night wakings, early mornings and rocking to sleep at nap times to sleeping 11 hours at night and settling himself to sleep for all naps.

Leigh’s approach was easy to follow (only ever focussing a couple of days ahead) and in no way made me feel uncomfortable. In fact quite the opposite.

She was kind, friendly and very informative. She really took the time to get to know our personal situation and our babies personality rather than adopting a blanket one size fits all approach.

Leigh has made herself readily available for follow-up calls to tweak the plan and for questions!

I would highly recommend Leigh to anyone in need of help with their babies sleep!

Barney – 7 months

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