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Is your preschooler talking about monsters or other scary things hiding in their room? Don’t worry this is a very common scenario and here are some practical tips to deal with it.

1. Don’t fuel it

Don’t make a show of checking under the bed or in the wardrobe for one – it reinforces to your child the possibility that this monster or scary might exist. Instead explain they are not real and don’t exist.

2. Keep reinforcing 

If you have to show them there is nothing there under the bed or wardrobe (and they might need this reassurance) – approach it by reinforcing “You see I told you they are not real”.

3. Good dream spray

Always focus on the positive and use a ‘good dream spray’ instead of a ‘monster repellent spray’ .

4. Promote a sense of security

Finally the most simple way to help a child who is worried about ‘scaries’ is to reinforce their sense of security. Remind them you are in charge and will always keep him/her safe.

Mention the other family members in your household and remind your child that you are all safe together and no-one else is there.

Wishing you and your family sweet dreams.

Leigh. X

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